Warehouse Technician

Job Title: Vet Provisions Warehouse Technician

Supervisor: Warehouse Manager

Position Purpose: To accurately pick, pack, label and receive inventory items. This position is in a team atmosphere that provides accurate and timely receipt of goods, shipment of goods and inventory counts of goods.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Essential job functions noted *
  • Checks in new shipments promptly*
  • Ensures proper stock placement of new inventory*
  • Picks, checks, labels and packs customer orders so they will be received in proper condition upon delivery*
  • Fills and rotates overstock as needed*
  • Timely and accurately updates inventory documentation*
  • Maintains a clean working environment – which includes sweeping/mopping floors and emptying trash daily*
  • Operates forklift safely*
  • Works on bagging and repackaging products as requested*
  • Prepares mixes in accordance with set guidelines and production quotas*
  • Makes and maintains a supply of cooler boxes*
  • Answers phone and helps walk in customers*
  • Carefully follows picking order sheets*
  • Quickly and accurately reads number and shipping order instructions*
  • Accurately and consistently completes and documents required paperwork*
  • Precisely follows work orders and specifications*
  • Adheres to all plant safety policies and procedures*
  • Effectively communicates with other production employees, warehouse employees and with all levels of management*
  • Promotes a positive, can-do attitude*
  • Collaborates in cross-functional teams*
  • Consistently follows all company policies and procedures*
  • Performs other duties as requested

Meets the following physical requirements:

o Perform heavy lifting (between 50-80 lbs) 15% of the time

o Perform medium lifting (between 20-49 lbs) 30% of the time

o Perform light lifting (under 20 lbs) 50% of the time

o Stand/walk 90% of the time

o Prefer applicant to hold an unexpired DOT health card, or are able to pass a DOT health exam

Qualifications – Education and Experience

  • 3 years experience in pharmaceutical or food manufacturing warehouse areas preferred
  • Must be willing to work first or second shift and weekends if needed*
  • Flexible and open minded to suggestions from others; keen vision for continuous improvement*

This job description is subject to change at the sole discretion of Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC.