Aurora Pharmaceutical Awards $75,000 in Veterinary Student Scholarships

May 1, 2022

Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc., a veterinary pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing and marketing company headquartered in Northfield, MN, announced today they have finalized the selection of 21 third-year veterinary students who will be receiving scholarship funds to assist in their veterinary degrees. The scholarship recipients were selected based on a combination of academic achievement, related work experience, community and university involvement, goals, essay and letters of reference.

“The costs associated with pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine can be daunting,” says Matt Klotz, DVM, Equine Technical Service Veterinarian at Aurora Pharmaceutical. “As a veterinarian who has gone through it, I am thrilled that Aurora has decided to share some of our good fortune and ease some of the financial strain of deserving students.”

The winners of the $75,000 scholarship funds are as follows:

$10,000 Award

Jacqueline Chevalier (Cornell University)

Jacqueline Chevalier, Cornell

$5,000 Award

Declan Ryan (UC-Davis)
Kara Valasek (Iowa State)

Brittany Papa (Cornell University)
Lindsey Fenster (U of GA)

Lena Ngo (UC-Davis)
Sidney Smith (NC State)

Kara Valasek, Iowa State
Sidney Smith & Abby Cox, NC

$2,500 Award

Angeline Gano (U of Penn)
Abby Cox (NC State)
Ened McNett (Oregon State)
Hailey Gollnick (U of GA)
Isabella Healy (U of Penn)

Molly Cleveland (Ohio State)
Paige Gabrielson (CO State)
Sabina Ponicki (U of MN)
Lindsey Miller (U of MN)
Tristen Fulton (Iowa State)

Brittany Campbell (Texas A&M)
Kaitlin Dullea (Cornel University)
Milan Piva (U of MO)
Vaiva Palunas (Wash State)

Agelina Gano & Isabella Healy, Penn State
Kaitlin Dullea, Cornell
Sabina Ponicki, U of M
Milan Piva, U of Missouri
Paige Gabrielson, CSU
Hailey Gollnick, U of GA
Sidney Smith & Abby Cox, NC

“When we decided to create a program to support DVM students, it was important to us to find ways to show our support to the next generation of DVM professionals,” said Grant Weaver, DVM, Swine Technical Service Veterinarian at Aurora Pharmaceutical. “Supporting the future leaders within the veterinary industry was really our driving force when developing these scholarships.”

Do you know of a third-year veterinary student who should apply for the scholarship? They can access additional program details, and a copy of the application by visiting Aurora at or email us at