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Supervisor: Lab Supervisor

Job Description

Obtains samples of raw materials, work in process, finished products, stability products, water and environmental factors. Prepares basic tests on samples. Records data. Assists lab, production and formulation areas.


  • Samples raw materials*
  • Obtains and tests water samples*
  • Works with stability samples*
  • Collects environmental monitoring samples*
  • Cleans and disinfects glassware and other equipment*
  • Orders and stocks lab supplies and lab chemicals*
  • Labels tests, solvents, reagents*
  • Tracks and orders reagent inventory*
  • Tracks and documents reserve samples*
  • Sends samples and instruments to outside labs*
  • Samples packaging material, in process and finished products*
  • Generates experimental data according to written SOP, protocol, method, or work instructions*
  • Prepares determined formulation according to set standards and specifications*
  • Understands and follows sterile techniques*
  • Accurately maintains laboratory data and logs*
  • Uses analytical instrumentation such as scales and flasks*
  • Accurately interprets and reports results*
  • Collaborates in cross-functional teams
  • Follows all Aurora Pharmaceutical policies, procedures, regulations and the employee handbook.*
  • Follows designated work schedule.*
  • Meets deadlines*
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as requested.*
  • Accepts and acts upon supervisory directions
  • Demonstrates flexibility, i.e. willingly takes on new tasks.*
  • Meets the following physical requirements*
    • Sits, stands, walks 90% of the time*
    • Less than 10% of the time, lifts containers or pushes a cart with 30-70 lbs*

(*denotes essential job functions)

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Familiarity in lab environment
  • Experience with chemistry/lab equipment
  • Prefer college chemistry coursework or degree in chemistry

This job description is subject to change at the sole discretion of Aurora Pharmaceutical.

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