ORAL PRO® Sodium Salicylate Concentrate 48.6% w/v

For use in the drinking water of calves as an aid in reducing pain, fever and inflammation.

Product Features

  • Aids in reducing fever caused by viral and bacterial infections1 , 2
  • Aids in reducing fever caused by heat stress from transporting
  • Offers water solubility in hard water
  • Offers stress relief from vaccination and processing
  • Manufactured under cGMP standards, guaranteeing consistent quality
  • Calves: A supportive treatment of pyrexiain acute respiratory disease and in
    combination with appropriate (anti-infective) therapy, if necessary

Administer 4 mL per 100 lbs. body weight (40 mg/kg body weight Sodium Salicylate) to calves once daily for 1-3 days. Administer orally in drinking water or milk (replacer). Zero day withdrawal period for meat and offal from calves. Do not use in cows producing milk for human consumption.


1 Gallon – Reorder No: 21004

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2 Osol, A., R. Pratt, and A.R. Gennaro, 1973. The United States Dispensatory, 27th ed. J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, PA


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