How Aurora Pharmaceutical’s Scholarships Help DVM Students Shine

As a leader in veterinary pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing, and marketing, Aurora Pharmaceutical decided in 2021 that it was time to give back to the community. Since then, the company has awarded scholarships every year to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students across the country with a passion for animal care. 

How the DVM Scholarship Program Started

This program began as a scholarship for students at Texas Tech, and at that school alone, the applications flooded in, showing that the need was prevalent among DVM students. The current program, designed for 3rd year students pursuing their DVM degree at accredited institutions in the United States, awards a total of $75,000 in scholarships each year. 

Selecting the Most Promising DVM Students

The selection process for the Aurora Pharmaceutical scholarship program is highly competitive, with scholarships being awarded based on a variety of criteria, including academic achievement, related work experience and university involvement. This year, the selection committee faced a tough decision as they reviewed outstanding applications and essays from students in several states.

“This year was extremely difficult choosing the various scholarship winners,” Matt Klotz, DVM, Equine Technical Services Director at Aurora Pharmaceutical, said. “The academic and hands-on experience level of students moving through veterinary school is as advanced as ever. We are excited to be part of that continued journey to becoming a veterinarian. Congratulations to all this year’s winners.”

Making Higher Education More Accessible 

One goal of this program is to help students navigate the educational journey with less of a financial burden. The rising cost of veterinary education has led to a significant increase in veterinary student debt, making financial assistance essential for many students. Grant Weaver, DVM, Swine Technical Service Veterinarian at Aurora Pharmaceutical, highlights the company’s commitment to providing support to veterinary students through their scholarship program.

“With veterinary student debt continuing to escalate, we are committed to providing veterinary students with financial assistance through our Scholarship Program,” Dr. Weaver said. “These students are the future of our industry, and we need to help them when we can through scholarships, mentoring, and educational programs.”

By investing in the education and professional development of aspiring veterinarians, Aurora Pharmaceutical is not only supporting individual students but also strengthening the future of the veterinary industry as a whole. Through this scholarship program, Aurora Pharmaceutical is making a positive impact on the lives of veterinary students and ensuring that the field of veterinary medicine continues to thrive.

Why Choose Aurora Pharmaceutical for Animal Care Products?

When searching for animal care products, you want to make sure that you and your animals are getting the best of the best. Aurora Pharmaceutical differentiates itself by offering better medicine with higher output and increased consumption by animals. We’re looking to maximize the health of livestock and companion animals, improving their overall wellbeing. Read on to learn about a few of the ways we do this. 

Panel of Animal Care Experts

The team at Aurora Pharmaceutical has over 30 years of experience in veterinary practice, medicine, agriculture, and research and development. This means that they not only have advanced knowledge and expertise in the scientific side of animal medicine, but they also have the experience of working directly with animals. Our panel of animal care experts works to find the best, most affordable ways to deliver medicine to a variety of animals. 

Better Formulations and Delivery

Aurora Pharmaceutical specializes in consumer-friendly products with top-quality ingredients. With decades of animal care experience, Aurora Pharmaceutical understands the frustrations of those caring for animals and has created solutions. Our products are designed for easy ingestion by animals and are formulated to achieve their goals efficiently. This results in animals receiving the necessary care with less product, often at a lower cost compared to the competition.

Commitment to Quality

Many Aurora Pharmaceutical products have the same active ingredients as the leading competitors but cost less. By sharing active ingredients and working to improve the formulations and delivery of animal medicine, we produce top-tier quality products. We proudly manufacture our products in the United States, and we’re registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. 

Customer Care

The goal of each Aurora product is to create long-lasting comfort and healing for animals. The panel of experts at our company possesses the knowledge to help each animal achieve optimal health based on their unique needs. Helping these animals starts with helping the people involved in their care. We work with every customer to ensure that we are getting them the highest quality, most relevant, and most affordable option to help their animals live long healthy lives. 


Aurora Pharmaceutical offers top-tier animal care products with superior formulations and delivery methods, made by a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in veterinary practice and research. Our commitment to quality, customer care, and affordability sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Give us a call at 888-215-1256 or send an email to to learn more.