Protect Against Parasites for Less with Barrier® for Pets


With more than 30 years of experience, Aurora Pharmaceutical has formulated multiple medications that are meant to offer protection against parasites for cats and dogs. These products, which are made in America, have the same active ingredients as the leading products and cost less. Read on to learn more about Barrier®.

Protect Against Parasites
Parasites can cause serious health complications for pets, especially if they’re not caught early enough. Barrier® offers a full-line comparison to Advantage Multi®. It offers protection for cats from the following parasites:
Ear mites

It also protects against the following parasites for dogs:
Sarcoptic Mange


Best Pricing, Always

With Barrier® and all Aurora Pharmaceutical products, we offer the best pricing in the market. We believe that veterinarians and pet owners deserve an affordable option for essential care. Our products are created in a way that’s affordable and sustainable without cutting corners on quality.

Manufactured and Packaged in the USA

Barrier® comes with an assurance of quality and safety. This companion animal care product is made and packaged in a new, state-of-the-art facility in Minnesota. From the patented technologies to the quality control laboratory, this facility offers everything needed to create safe, quality products.


Easy Application Process

To open a Barrier® container, you simply need to twist the twist-to-open cap. This makes the process of applying the medication easy, as well as removing the risk of losing the cap. Pet owners are sure to find this feature convenient.

Once-a-Month Application

Pet owners only need to apply Barrier® once a month. This topical solution offers convenience for pet owners and benefits for their pets, all for less than the leading parasite protection products.


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