Parasites don’t just make your cattle sick — by doing this, they also rob you of your profits. Looking into common parasite solutions, you may find that the expense is beyond what your business can comfortably afford. That’s where EpriGard™ comes in.


EpriGard™ (eprinomectin) Pour-on is the convenient and cost-effective solution for broad-spectrum parasite protection in beef and dairy cattle. Made with the proven macrocyclic lactone parasiticide, eprinomectin, EpriGard™ Pour-on defends against internal and external parasites.


Why EpriGard™ Pour-on is the Best Parasite Solution


EpriGard™ Pour-on is 99.9% effective against the major species and stages of parasites, offering industry-leading convenience and safety for beef and dairy cattle. 


Some benefits of this solution include the following:

  • Kills 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites
  • Zero days of meat withdrawal 
  • Zero milk discard
  • Formulated for varying weather conditions, including rainfall
  • Safe for animals of all ages


Along with protection against 39 species and stages of parasites, research shows that treatment with eprinomectin can increase milk yield by 2.07 lbs per cow per day and improve fertility rates in heifers and dairy cows. It’s safe for animals of all ages. Varying weather conditions, including rainfall, do not affect this formulation, providing minimal disruption to business.

How EpriGard™ Pour-on Compares with the Competition


This product is compatible with the dosing regimen and active ingredient of Eprinex®. EpriGard has the added bonus of Aurora Pharmaceutical’s “best price always” guarantee. 


EpriGard™ Pour-on is available in 2.5L, 5L and 10L sizes, so you can order it based on your company’s needs. The formulation provides minimal disruption in business, with zero days of meat withdrawal and zero milk discard. EpriGard™ helps you protect your cattle investment and work toward building your legacy. 


Choose EpriGard™ for superior parasite protection and optimal cattle health. Call us at 888-215-1256 or contact us using the form below! 

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