“I have seen a reduction of over 50% in “falloff pigs” in the nursery in most pig flows since using ORAL PRO Vitamin D3 Plus E. I saw the best results at entry to the nursery with 2oz per gallon of stock solution for 5 days”

– Dr. Trevor Martin, Marcus-Remsen Veterinary Clinic


“With the availability of BARRIER Wound Care Spray,  producers have the opportunity to provide pigs with post-surgical analgesia and superior residual disinfectant activity. This combination provides an opportunity for improving both animal performance and animal welfare.”

– Dr. John Baker, Warrick Vet Clinic, Boonville, IN. – 2011 AASV Veterinarian of the Year

“I am using BARRIER Wound Care Spray With Pain Relief to treat shoulder ulcers/sores on sows. It creates a nice bandage effect, sticks better than most wound care products and seems to stay on the wound longer.”

– Dr. Nate Winkelman, Swine Services Unlimited


“There is obvious pain relief when BARRIER Wound Care Spray with lidocaine is sprayed on a baby pig’s docked tail”

– Dr. Peggy Anne Hawkins, Northfield, Minnesota


“I used BARRIER Livestock Wound Spray this past winter and spring on calf navels. I found the product dried faster and stayed on the naval longer than other products I had used. It also dried and “sealed” the navels themselves faster, which means fewer infections. I had been using a 1% iodine product and Triodine.”

– Dr. Jason Johnson, Rock Vet Clinic, Luverne, Minnesota


“We notice a great difference in the pig comfort after using BARRIER spray right after castration. They feel less pain and they are not nearly as ‘slow’ as they used to be when we used regular iodine. There is also a lot less bleeding post-castration. We are very happy with the product and plan to continue its use.”

– Doug Mulder, Pembroke Oaks Farms, Wheatfield, Indiana


“In a castration trial we performed on 250 seven-day-old boars, we compared BARRIER Wound Spray to 1% iodine. The pigs sprayed with BARRIER showed less inflammation and redness. The castration cuts scabbed over faster and we saw far less weeping than the 1% iodine-applied pigs. Also, the BARRIER-sprayed pigs showed less irritation when the product was applied compared to those sprayed with 1% iodine.”

– Todd Laue, Prairie Ridge Farms, Mantorville, Minnesota